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Copyscape is really a wonderful tool. It is the best. It searched the web in just a few seconds for the copied content and got perfect results. This tool is a must for every article writer.
- Tech Busy Team

I love your work!!! there are just too many thieves out there stealing peoples work. Keep it up!!!
- T. Nixon

As one of Germany's leading companies for website-content our business is based on delivering unique content. We integrated the Copyscape API into our CMS and as a consequence our copywriters get instant feedback if their texts are really unique. We and our customers really appreciate the technology!
- N. Dreyer, CEO, Textprovider

This site is awesome. We have now caught two people who have copied the entire content of our corporate site. It is unbelievable how stupid some people can be... but without Copyscape we wouldn't have been able to find them. Thanks for the great site!
- Todd Garland, Mindfire Interactive

I work as a content provider on the internet. My day is always packed full of creating new content for my clients. One of the best tools I use for my clients is Copyscape. I love that there's the ability that I can show my clients that the content I am providing them is 100% unique. So just wanted to say thank you to the Copyscape team!
- The Entire Hire Writers Team

Copyscape is a critical resource for us, as we provide screened telework jobs to the US Department of State, US Armed Forces, people with disabilities... Thank you for this indispensable tool, which has been instrumental in saving so many jobseekers from financial loss and victimization.
- Michael Haaren, Staffcentrix, LLC

I wanted to thank you for your service. I've found serveral copyright infringements of our work - including one today where they copied our entire website, only replacing our name and contact information, then claiming it as their work. Given that we work hard to develop sites that are unique and content rich, your service has become an invaluable tool for us.
- Les Crowley, DynamicImages Interactive

I'm a web designer who has just had my third instance of Copysentry identifying plagarism of my web site. It's also the third instance where the offender removed the text within literally five minutes of receiving my Cease & Desist email. Even the most shady fly-by-night cowboy quakes in fear of Copyscape! Thanks for providing such a valuable tool.
- Web Designer

Thanks to you, I found out that somebody has stolen my site and have fired off a threatening letter... Very cool site.
- M. Dare

We've invested a lot of time in creating our content, and it's really valuable to know when we're being quoted or copied.
- Susan Leigh, Carbon Catalog - Carbon Offsets Directory

We develop content rich travel websites and after running our sites through Copyscape we found at least 10 or more sites using our copy. In addition this also resulted in companies using our photography without permission. Thanks for a great product.
- D. Taylor, Studio360

I love it, you can quote me on that ;-)
- Nick W,

Anyone who finds their content on someone else's website, can't help but wonder, "where else have I lost my hard work?" Copyscape is more than the tattletale of the Internet, it can help you locate valuable content and leads to new information in an ever expanding universe. The potential for this selfless tool is thrilling.
- Cynthia Hetherington, Virtual Librarian

Definetly a great resource for the future of the web... Excellent work!
- J. Colascione

I have found your service very helpful in tracking down webpages that are infringing upon my copyrights. Thus far using your service, I have been able to track down around a half-dozen webpages that infringed upon my copyrights. In all cases I was able to get the infringing material removed from the Internet. Copyright laws and the DMCA do publishers like myself no good without tools like yours available to track down offenders. Thank you.
- K. Barbalace

Thank you for providing this tool. I've just discovered someone has stolen my entire homepage code and is using it as hidden text on every page of his site.
- D. Fontenot

Very cool site, and I definitely plan to make use of it to check my sites periodically.
- C. Schatz

Love your service, a very valuable tool. I have used copyscape to catch a number of people who have copied our text verbatium.

Thanks! I detected a copycat of one of my pages.
- D. Guevel

AWESOME SERVICE!!! I just found someone who duplicated my site looking to hurt me!

This is a really great service! As a webmaster, web developer and web marketer, and with several sites of my own and many more for my clients, i will be making use of your service.
- J. Coe

What an enormously useful tool, and offered for free. Many, many thanks. I will let all the writers I know that it exists.

WOW. And here I was thinking that your alerts service was as good as API usage got.
- J. Duke

I found a lamer who'd copied my text and hotlinked my image. I swapped the image, so now they look stupid!

This service is excellent.
- B. Fry

Put up an Amazon donation box and I'll give $5, even though I'm a starving writer. That means Thank you. This is cool.

This is absolutely brilliant. Excellent idea. Best wishes!

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