Copyscape Premium
The web's most powerful plagiarism search.

Copyscape Premium offers the most advanced plagiarism search on the web – read below or download our PDF brochure.

Content managers: Use Copyscape Premium to check the originality of new content, whether it was purchased or generated by AI. By avoiding duplicate content, your site becomes more valuable to your customers and more visible to search engines.

Site owners: Use Copyscape Premium to track down plagiarism of your site's content. By detecting unauthorized copies of your content, you protect your intellectual property and preserve your unique online identity.

Copy and Paste:

Check offline content by copying and pasting the text.

File Upload:

Check content in a PDF or Word document by uploading the file.

Check your entire site:

Check up to 10,000 pages in a single operation with Batch Search.

Manage cases of plagiarism:

Track instances of plagiarism and your responses (online content only).

Work with your team of editors:

Link to other Copyscape accounts to pay for and track their searches.

Exclude results from certain sites:

Filter out results from other sites that you own or already know about.

Check content automatically with the API:

Scripts can automate Copyscape queries using the Premium API.

Check for duplication within your own content:

Build a private index of your content and check against it for duplication.

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Copy-paste originality check.
PDF and Word file upload.
Powerful plagiarism detection.
Batch Search your entire site.
Private index of your content.
Case tracking and followup.
Team management tools.
Automated searching via API.
Integration with WordPress.

3c per search (up to 200 words)
plus 1c per extra 100 words.

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